The Ultimate Guide on How to Draw an Anime Nose

Anime noses are probably the easiest facial features to draw. The level of simplicity or complexity of the sketch will depend on the style you’re planning to use when drawing your character.

This tutorial will show you how to draw an anime nose from the front view and the ¾ view.

How to Draw an Anime Girl’s Nose

You can sketch the anime nose on its own, but this guide will focus on drawing the nose on a character’s head. It will make for good practice in case you eventually decide to come up with your own anime characters.

  1. First, we’re going to draw the head. Sketch an inverted egg shape, to outline the head and the jaw.
  2. Draw the guidelines. Start by sketching a vertical line in the middle of the head. This line helps ensure that the face is symmetrical.

Next, draw two horizontal lines. The first line should be at the center of the head, and the second one should be below it but closer to the chin.

How to Draw an Anime Girl’s Nose

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  1. Before drawing the nose, you should know where to place it. The guidelines we drew earlier will help you determine where you are going to sketch it.

The nose should be where the vertical line and the second horizontal line meet.

  1. Sketch the nose. As we mentioned earlier, we’re going to draw the nose in two different views.

Front view:
Sketching the nose from the front view is much simpler compared to the other views. You can get away with drawing a dash, a dot, or even two short lines to depict the nostrils. Just choose one of the three, position it in the right place, and you’re done.

¾ View:
You can place the nose in the same position as the front view, but you won’t be using a dot or dash. For this view, you’re going to use two lines to depict the nose. Sketch a slightly curved line for the bridge of the nose and complete it by drawing a second line with an inward curve to form the tip of the nose.

You can also add a nostril when sketching the nose from this view. All you’ll need to do is draw a short line near the lower line of the nose.

  1. Draw the eyes, ears, and mouth.
  2. Erase the guidelines. Be careful so that you don’t accidentally erase the facial features you’ve drawn.
  3. Draw the character’s hair. You can sketch long, short, sleek, or messy hair based on your preferences.
  4. Finish by adding some color or shading to the drawing.

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How to Draw an Anime Boy’s Nose

To draw an anime boy’s nose, follow the same process you used to sketch the anime girl’s nose. However, we should note that male and female anime noses have slight differences.

How to Draw an Anime Boy’s Nose

You have to make sure that you sketch a wider nose for the male character. If you decide to shade the nose, make the shading more pronounced compared to the shading on the female nose.


Once you learn how to draw the basic shape of the nose, you can later customize your anime character’s noses by experimenting with different nose sizes, shapes, and even nostrils, to give each of them a distinct look.

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