The Complete Guide on How to Draw Anime Mouths

Facial expressions help bring out our moods and feelings. The same goes for anime characters, and that’s why you need to learn how to draw anime mouths to help express your character’s mood or emotions.

The good news is anime mouths are easier to draw compared to real structured mouths. You also won’t need to put much emphasis on drawing the lips since you can use a few lines to sketch your character’s mouth.

How to Draw an Anime Girl Mouth

  1. Let’s start by drawing the head. Draw an inverted egg shape for the head and make sure the jaw is slightly lower. You can also add the neck and shoulders based on your preferences.
  2. Next, sketch a few guidelines to help you with the correct mouth placement. For symmetry, draw a vertical line in the middle of the head.
  3. Afterward, draw a horizontal line under the nose and a second one under the chin. You’re going to position the mouth between these two lines.
  4. We’re going for an open mouth expression because we want to sketch a happy character. To do this, you’ll need to outline the mouth.

You can use basic shapes when sketching the outline of the mouth. Make it look like the lower half of an inverted egg to bring out the desired shape. The horizontal line that forms the top half of the mouth will act as the upper lip.

How to Draw an Anime Girl Mouth

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  1. Add the tongue and the teeth. It’s quite simple since you’ll only need two lines for this. To sketch the tongue, draw a line that curves upward at the bottom of the mouth. It should start from one end of the mouth to the other.

For the teeth, you’ll need to draw a line that curves downward at the top of the mouth. Unlike the tongue, this line shouldn’t have any contact with the sides of the mouth.

Create a small gap between one side of the mouth and the line when you start drawing. Make sure it’s uniform to the gap between the end of the line and the other side of the mouth.

  1. For the final step, we’re going to make the features more distinct by shading and coloring them. We’re not going to shade the teeth because we want them to retain the white color.

The inside of the mouth should have the darkest shade while the tongue should be slightly lighter.

  1. Add the eyes, ears, and preferred hairstyle to finish the drawing.

How to Draw an Anime Male Mouth

You can apply the same techniques we have used to draw a mouth for your male character. The significant difference between the two comes in when you want to sketch characters with lips that are more defined. In such a scenario, you’ll need to ensure that the male lips are less curvy.

How to Draw an Anime Male Mouth


Now that you’ve learned the basics of drawing anime mouths, we encourage you to try creating different mouth expressions for your characters. With time, you’ll find it easy to tell any story you want since your characters will clearly bring out what you are trying to portray to others.

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