The Complete Guide on How to Draw an Anime Head

As you know, animes stand out because of their facial features. But you can’t bring out those traits if you don’t know how to draw an anime head. That’s why this tutorial focuses on how to draw an anime head step by step.

The chances are that you expect this guide to be overly complicated since it might be your first anime drawing. However, many elements of an anime’s facial features are extremely simplified. By the time you’re done going through this guide, you’ll be able to come up with a rough sketch of an anime face as well.

How to Draw an Anime Girl Head

One of the things you should keep in mind is that anime proportions are somewhat close to those of real people. You’ll have an easy time if you take that into consideration whenever you’re working on your sketches.

  1. The first thing we’re going to do is sketch the shape of the head. There are several ways to do this since anime heads vary in shape. But we prefer using an inverted egg shape because of its simplicity.

Make sure the bottom part of the shape is narrow. You can also sketch a neck for your character, but it’s entirely optional.

  1. Next, make sure each side of the head is even by drawing a vertical line in the middle. This step is important because we’re drawing the character in the front view. The guideline will also help you position the facial features correctly.
  2. Draw a horizontal line across the center of the head. And a second horizontal line slightly below it, near the bottom of the shape. These lines will be the guidelines for where you should place the eyes and the ears.
How to Draw an Anime Girl Head

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  1. Sketch the eyes and the ears. They should be below the first horizontal guideline. Draw the eyebrows slightly above the same line.
  2. Draw the nose. Position the tip of the nose where the second horizontal line intersects with the vertical line.
  3. Draw the character’s mouth. The mouth should be between the nose and the chin. Since we’re aiming for simplicity, sketch a slightly curved horizontal line.
  4. Clean up the sketch by erasing the guidelines.
  5. Finish the drawing by coming up with a hairstyle for the character.

Use Painter as Your Anime Drawing Software

How to Draw an Anime Male Head

Drawing a male anime head will be a piece of cake for you if you’ve already tried sketching the female anime head. You’ll follow the same process you used when drawing the female character.

How to Draw an Anime Male Head

The only difference comes in when you’re drawing the shape of the head because male characters have longer jaws. If you decide to sketch a neck, make sure you draw the neck closer to the jawline to make the character look muscular.


You’re going to use a lot of guidelines while drawing an anime head. Since you’ll get rid of them when you finish your sketch, you’ll need to use very light lines so that you can erase them easily.

Other than that, keep practicing, and you’ll eventually make sketches that you can proudly display or share with other anime fans.

Use Painter as Your Anime Drawing Software