The Ultimate Guide on How to Draw a Girl Anime

In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to draw an anime girl step by step. You can draw an anime girl from the side, front, and three-quarter view. But for this guide, we’re going to focus on the front view.

Drawing the body

Since we’re drawing a full-figure character, we’re going to start by drawing the overall shape of the female body. The body proportions have to be the right size.

  1. Start by drawing a vertical line. The line will help you draw a female character with a body that is symmetrical. You’ll also have an easy time positioning the body parts correctly.
  2. Draw a circle to get the shape of the head. For the neck and jaw, you’ll need to sketch an angled shape on the lower part of the circle. The drawing also needs a neck, so you’ll need to add a short line as well.
  3. Connect the neck to the pelvis area using a curved line. You’ll also need to draw a four-pointed shape for the chest and attach lines that will act as the limbs. When drawing the hands, you can use a triangle to guide you.
  4. Next, you’ll need to draw the shape of the body using the stick figure as a guide. Make sure it’s an hourglass shape since you’re drawing a female character. Remember to take note of where the joints are located.
Drawing the body

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How to Draw the Face

How to Draw the Face
  1. Add a crossed line to the circle since it’s going to act as an outline for the eyes. Position the eyes conventionally and add small curved strokes above them for the eyebrows.
  2. Sketch a small curved line for the lips and a tip for the nose.
  3. Clean up the drawing and get rid of any unnecessary lines.

Since you’re done with the face, you need to come up with a hairstyle for your character.

You can go for something short, long, straight, or curly based on your preferences. To keep things simple, let’s go for medium length hair with curved strokes. Feel free to add hair accessories.

Design your character’s outfit

Now that you’ve drawn the character’s face and body, you need to come up with ideas for their outfit. You should go for something easy to sketch since you’re drawing a full-body character for the first time.

You can go for a shirt and a pair of shorts, or a shirt and a skirt, among other outfits. There are no restrictions, so you can even draw a uniform if you want to.

Since the clothes need to be thin and tight, we could opt for a short dress. The dress should follow the outline of the body.

To complete this outfit, you’ll only need to draw the lines that indicate the shape of the dress. Always use curves that hug the body and add some folds for a realistic look.

Design your character’s outfit

Add Some Color and Shading to the Drawing

Assuming that the character is standing under normal lighting conditions. We recommend a darker shading for the parts of the body that are less exposed to the light. We also suggest using neutral colors for the outfits to keep the colors from clashing.


You can play around with the character’s hair color and outfits as you practice drawing a cute anime girl. Feel free to play around with some of their body proportions as well.

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