The Complete Guide on How to Draw an Anime Body

Anime characters come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why you should learn how to draw anime bodies if you want to sketch different kinds of characters.

In this tutorial, we’re going to cover the steps you’ll need to follow when drawing anime bodies for both male and female characters.

How to Draw an Anime Girl Body

  1. Start by drawing the head. You could draw a circle, then add the chin and jaw. However, it’s much easier to draw an inverted egg shape instead.
  2. We want to ensure that the character’s body is symmetrical. That’s why we are going to draw a vertical line in the middle of the head.
How to Draw an Anime Girl Body

The line should be long since it will be equal to your character’s height. Make sure it’s about six and a half times the height of the head.

  1. Include horizontal markings down the vertical line to act as guides when you draw the rest of the body. The gap between each horizontal mark should be the same as the head height.
  2. Bring out the hourglass shape of the female character. We’re going to use circles and the first two horizontal markings to simplify the process. The circles will represent the torso.

Leave a small gap below the chin and draw a circle that’s almost the same size as the head. The first circle should be one and a half times wider than the head.

Once you’re done, draw a slightly larger circle below it for the hips.

  1. Sketch tube-shaped arms extending from the top corners of the circle down to the bottom of the hourglass. Then draw the hands using mitten shapes.

You can use small circles to indicate the shoulder joints, elbows, and wrists. The elbows will be located at the narrowest point of the hourglass shape.

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  1. We are also going to use tubes when drawing the legs. Extend them from the bottom of the hourglass shape. The knees are tricky because you have to place them one and a half heads below the torso. Use small circles to indicate the knees.

Finish drawing the lower part of the leg by extending the tubes until they’re of the same length as the top half. Add small circles for the ankle joints and attach trapezoid shapes for the feet.

  1. Remove all the guidelines carefully. Try not to erase the basic shape of your character’s body.
  2. Add facial features, hair, clothes, and shoes, to complete the sketch.

How to Draw an Anime Boy Body

  1. We’re going to repeat steps one to three since we’re going to use the same measurements for the height.
  2. Instead of circles, we’re going to use a rectangular shape to sketch the male body. Draw a horizontal line slightly below the head and extend it downwards till you get to the center of the vertical line.

Afterward, complete the torso by using a horizontal line to finish the shape. This line will represent the character’s hips.

  1. Draw the arms and legs using the same steps we followed earlier.
  2. Erase the guidelines, add facial features, dress your character, and you’ll be good to go.


Remember to check the proportions as you draw, so that your character’s appearance looks natural. You’ll keep getting better at drawing anime bodies as long as you practice.

How to Draw an Anime Boy Body

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