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Simon Haiduk

What is Digital Painting?

Grab your textured blank canvas, assorted brushes, some vibrant watercolors and a few dripping inks – it’s time to start painting. With the advent of digital painting, traditional artists can now bring their same vision, creativity and tools directly to their desktop studio and achieve the same stunning results.

Digital painting is a notable art form whereby traditional painting techniques are seamlessly blended into the digital world thanks to realistic Natural-Media® found only in Corel Painter that perfectly emulates real life art materials.

How to achieve the look and feel of traditional painting

Believe it or not, digital painting essentially mirrors the same materials and creative process used for traditional painting, sans the mess and sometimes annoying fumes.

Here’s a great video showing you the painting process using Corel Painter. The video is sped up so you can see the painting from start to completion.


As with any type of painting, portrait or illustration you depend on the variety of brush types and strokes to achieve the exact effects, details and painting results you need. With digital painting, you have access to even more available brush types, as they can instantly add a flair, texture or accent not possible with traditional painting techniques. Digital painting lets you expand your creative possibilities, and Corel Painter is changing what’s possible in art.

Generate more brush variations than ever before! Imagine combining Particle brushes with Real Watercolor, Liquid Ink and Impasto for original mixed media combinations. Best of all, these new timesaving brushes will create singular end results in about half the time.

Create luscious Natural-Media® brushstrokes or realistic splatters by combining bristle thickness control with your touch, and Particle system physics across a variety of media types. Plus, you can search for Dynamic Speckles to quickly access a variety of new brushes.

Import your favorite Adobe Photoshop brushes directly into Painter. Now, you can paint with the image stamp as is or experiment with Painter's flexible brush controls to create an impressive variation on the original brush.
*ABR - Adobe Photoshop Brush File

Particle and watercolor brushes

With Corel Painter, you can combine particle brush technology with watercolors. In this tutorial, Painter Master Skip Allen turns a watercolor variant into a watercolor particle brush.

Particles added to watercolor diffuse and flow as if water was added to them, creating a beautiful wash.

In this tutorial by you will learn:

  • How watercolor particle brushes appear and interact with different papers and settings
  • How to create a watercolor particle brush
  • How to paint a simple landscape using a watercolor particle brush

Particles and Watercolor Tutorial. Watch it now.

Dynamic Speckles and Cloning

Learn from a Painter Master Elite Jeremy Sutton as he shows you the awe-inspiring benefits of using Dynamic Speckle brushes in your digital painting. Watch the tutorial.

Particles and Liquid Ink

In this tutorial, Painter Master Jason Maranto demonstrates three brushes that he created for Painter that use liquid and particle technology.

You will learn:

  • How to adjust the settings for his three brushes
  • Airbrush technology
  • How liquid inks behave on the page to mimic physical inks

Particles And Liquid Ink Tutorial. Watch it now.

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