Digital Painting Software: How to Choose the Best One

So you might be familiar with acrylic, oil, watercolor, and other traditional painting media. But there's a new kid on the block- digital painting software.

The number of software choices out there can easily overwhelm even seasoned artists. You can get lost down the rabbit hole in your quest for the best solution.

But don't make things complicated. At the end of the day, the tools don't determine a painter's prowess, and you'll realize that entry-level and professional-level software don't differ much.

That said, this article will guide you on the meaning of digital painting software and how you can choose the most suitable one for your exact needs.

What is Digital Painting Software?

Digital painting software allows you to create unique artwork directly in a graphic or display computer using a stylus. With this software, you can say goodbye to the messiness that comes with oils and inks. It also makes painting easier and better.

But that doesn't mean you can paint an artwork at a click of the button. You still need most of the same techniques and skills as traditional painting.

How to Choose a Digital Painting Software

1. Learning curve

If you're a beginner, it's recommendable to go for software whose features will not overwhelm you. The seasoned gurus looking to take their skills a notch higher will benefit from sophisticated software. Software like Photoshop comes with a wide variety of options, and a learning curve won't be an issue to an experienced artist.

2. Budget

Sure, you get value for your money. But a novice doesn't have to spend too much on software. You can begin with free or low-budget software, use it to learn the basics like layers, palettes, brushes, and layer masks.

Once the need to improve your skills and artworks knocks at the door, you may have to dig deeper for more advanced packages or tools.

Across the board, pricing ranges from free to USD 50 or more, depending on your project's complexity and quality.

3. Availability of Help and Learning Resources

Since digital painting is relatively a new way of doing things, no one is 100% familiar with it. So a software product that provides online resources, tutorials, and learning blogs will be a darling to many. Whenever you hit a rock, it becomes easy to find a solution.

4. Your Style

Be sure the software you choose can help you bring out your painting style seamlessly. One with a wide variety of technical aspects and options allows you to do virtually anything in any style and edit photos to boot.

For instance, if you're a concept artist, you're looking for something that provides detailed layer settings, rulers and grids for complex scenes, and custom brushes.

With great software, you can unleash your prowess in diverse styles, such as Fractal art, anime-style, dynamic painting, and digital photography.

5. Your Hardware

Your computer or hardware can also determine the types of software tools used in digital painting. The hardware includes the graphic tablet, mouse, and pen display.


The internet is awash with various digital painting software products. Any beginner may get stuck in limbo when trying to choose the best solution. It's not because they're unwilling to practice but because they don't know the right software that will help them kick-start their journey.

Seasoned artists may find themselves at crossroads, especially when trying to take their game to new levels. But with these tips, you can now hunt software for your next big painting project.

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