Digital Painting Ideas: A Guide to Different Digital Painting Styles

The evolution of art has come a long way and has been incredibly rapid, from painting with light to the current artistic evolution of digital art. Digital painting, to be precise, has stirred controversy and debate on whether it's really art or just plain old cheating. Regardless, it's a phenomenal part of art, and if you are looking to immerse yourself into it, here are a few essentials you need to understand.

Digital Painting Ideas

Just like traditional art, you can transform various genres in digital painting as well. Here are some digital painting ideas.

History Painting

Also known as the grande genre, history painting is the highest category, and it portrays an ethically uplifting and edifying message in a religious, historical, mythological, or allegorical contact. Most historical paintings in the past were religious, but now they can be just about anything.

Landscape Painting

Landscape paintings are all about Scenic views like seascapes, countrysides, mountains, and Rivers. Landscape digital paintings don't require people.

Portrait Painting

Portrait paintings are the second-highest genre after history. Initially, they were about heroic people and public viewing, and this genre has been used for the longest time. It has been adapted in digital arts, and it's one of the easiest to transition into.

Still Life Painting

Still-lifes painting has always been considered as the least elevated of all the different channels available. Still-lifes involve the use of still objects like flowers, foodstuffs, fruits, and the like. Including humans and animals in still-lifes paintings is allowed all the words common. With digital still lifes painting, you can incorporate almost anything.

Genre Painting

Genre painting is all about painting scenes with ordinary people. You may incorporate landscape in your genre digital painting. It's easier with digital art than it was in the past with paints and brushes, but the intricacies can be just as complicated.

Digital Painting Styles

Apart from digital painting ideas, there are several digital styles you need to understand, so you can decide where you want to begin. Here are the different styles you should know about.

Watercolor Digital Painting

Watercolor paintings are distinct in the digital painting world because they have unique flowing brushstrokes and rich textures. They also versatile, have a luminous quality, expressive, and incredibly easy to deal with. Most professionals have found digital watercolors easier to use compared to traditional pain. As long as you find the perfect paintbrush and learn how to combine a medium, on your way to mastering the art.

Digital Oil Painting

When it comes to digital oil painting, the brushes that you use are remarkably similar to the ones traditionally used. However, digital oil brushes blend and mix a lot better because, with media, you don't have to worry about infinite layers or how many versions you create. Even better, you can erase mistakes with the click of a button then print the end results on canvas.

Acrylic Digital Paintings

Acrylic paint offers the transparent brilliance of watercolors and, at the same time, gives a density similar to that of oil paints. This concept is incredibly brilliant in digital painting, but it's not as easy to master because you need to hone your skills in blending. Of course, digital painting in acrylic is much easier compared to traditional painting with real paint as it tends to dry too fast.

Where to Start

Now that you know the different types of digital painting ideas and digital painting styles, it will be a lot easier for you to choose which one to start with. Any idea and style are achievable as long as you go all in and give it your best shot.

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