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Character Design

Working on designing the next Mario or Master Chief? Your character design will determine, in large part, how well your character is accepted and recognized. Not only can the design make your art more accepted, but it will also communicate to your viewer, and set the mood throughout your game, book, or movie.

Corel Painter can help you create stunning character designs for your project or hobby. With a wide selection of digital paintbrushes and digital art mediums, you will be equipped to design the most epic characters you can imagine.

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Why use Painter for your Character Design?

Corel Painter is the absolute best digital art software when it comes to top of the line tools and workflow for character design:

  • Dozens of brushes an hundreds of textures
  • Customizable workspace and tools specifically for character design
  • Easy integration with drawing tablets like Wacom
  • Limitless possibilities with various sketching, drawing, and painting tools

Essential Tools


Prep to create a compelling character by gathering reference images, Photoshop files, textures and rendered 3D content that can all be opened in Painter. Set up the perfect canvas and get ready to craft an unforgettable character.


Transform your vision directly onto canvas with a wide selection of sketching tools including Pens, Pencils, and even Particles. Display inspirational content in-app using the Reference Image Panel and streamline your workflow using the Mirror tool.

Rendering tools

Fine-tune your character in living color using 2.5D Texture brushes, Thick Paint, Airbrushes, Blenders, F-X Glow, Glazing and Watercolor to finalize your detailed masterpiece.

Illustration layout

Launch the Illustration Palette Layout and unlock valuable tools that will streamline your character design process.

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What can you create with Corel Painter?

Getting started with Character Illustration

Getting to know Painter

Painter Master Harvey Bunda offers his top tips for creating your epic character.

Do more than just character design with Corel Painter!

Use Painter for much more than just your character design.
Check out some of Painter’s other unique uses like, digital art, manga art, illustration, and much more!

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