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Illustration is the interpretation or visual explanation of a product, words or idea.
Digital illustration is often used in physical media like posters, magazines, books, advertising, video games and much more. It can be used in virtually any industry and is an original way to help you visually convey a message to your audience.

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Why use Painter for your Illustration?

Corel Painter is the absolute best digital art software when it comes to top of the line tools, and workflow for digital illustration:

  • Hundreds of brushes and tons of paper textures
  • Custom Workspace Layout specifically for Illustration
  • Compatibility with drawing tablets and multi-touch
  • Limitless possibilities with various sketching, drawing, and painting tools

Essential Tools


Bring your ideas to life and immerse your audience in a compelling story. From setting up the perfect canvas to opening Photoshop files reference images and rendered 3D objects, Painter supports the process every step of the way.


Transform your vision directly onto canvas with a wide selection of sketching tools including Pens, Pencils and even Particles.

Color & texture tools

Add vibrant color and texture to your illustrations using Digital Watercolor, 2.5D Texture Brushes, Image Hoses, Oils and Pattern Pens turning them into a final production worthy masterpiece.

Illustration layout

Launch the Illustration Palette Layout and unlock all of the tools that will streamline your illustration and character design process.

Need to download Painter?

Download a free 15-day trial now!

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What can you create with Corel Painter?

Getting started with Painter and Illustration

Pencil & eraser sketching

Sketch using the 2B Pencil and Eraser.

Using distortion

Quickly create variations of your character.

Adding color

Using layers and Captured Bristle 2.

Adding texture

Using Paper Textures and Real Fat Chalk.

Adding value

Put the finishing touches on your work.

NEW 2022 tools

Ultimate workflow optimization.

Do more than Illustration with Corel Painter

Use Painter for much more than just your digital art needs.
Check out some of Painter’s other unique uses like Manga, Photo Art, Fine Art and Concept Art.

Need to download Painter?

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