Female Character Design: A Guide to Designing Female Characters

The primary step in creating any artwork is determining what you want to communicate. This determination is popularly known as ethos, the spiritual brother of thesis. They both have the same purpose: to answer the question of what are you trying to say/show?

Whether you are working on an anime creation, an ad campaign, or a game-characters design, we cannot stress the importance of deciding from the onset which path you want to follow. It will keep you from you being indecisive, thus saving you time and the pain of redoing.

So, drawing women is not a forte for many people. Maybe as much as you want them to look beautiful and stunning, a handsome masculine face always seems to kill the vibe. And hey, it's okay, it's not your intention.

How to Design Female Characters

Here is our brief article to help you design awesome female characters and improve your work quality:

The Female Face

There are definite differences between a masculine and feminine face. Testosterone hormone is responsible for the angular, defined facial hair and thickened skin in males. On the flip side, estrogen is the prevalent hormone in women, thus causing them to have softer skin, smaller and rounded faces, and lack facial hair.

When it comes to drawing female faces, you will want to portray feminine characteristics in your work. Some important feminine facial features that you may want to take into consideration include:

  • Big lips
  • Big eyes
  • A small nose
  • A thin neck

Usually, female faces tend to be oval, but you can still use a round shape to highlight the character's weight or if you want your female character to look younger. There are no definite rules, though, and you don't have to limit yourself to feminine traits only.

Consider using traditional male elements such as fuller eyebrows, a more prominent nose, or a thicker neck to invoke your character's unique personality.

The Feminine Body

Female bodies come in all shapes, but there are general body type categories that you can reference to make your drawing endeavors easier. All body type groups are determined by the relationship between the shoulders, the chest, waist, and hips.

As you design your female characters, make sure that the audience can quickly identify them as females. Whereas this does not mean that your character has to be cute and super sexy, there are few things to consider:

  • The fat content of your female character- A thin female character should have a more conspicuous bone structure while the shape of the bones will possibly be more spectacular. On the other hand, a heavier character is likely to have more curves.
  • Weight Composition- What is your female character's shape? Round or pear? Evaluate the fat distribution on your female character's body to help you create a perfect design. For instance, heavier characters have fat accumulation around the waist, the waistline will seem to disappear, but curves should still be notable for a feminine form.
  • Bust size- In character designing and drawing, breasts are one of the female-specific anatomies, so make no mistake about it. Do not treat the breast tissue and pecs as a uniform mass.


It's important to note that media platforms (such as social media) are particularly keen against nudity. Once your creations start looking inappropriate, anyone can report your work, or sometimes algorithms may auto-flag your drawings and remove it. Therefore, it is crucial to clothe your characters decently so that all your hard work will not go down the drain.

In addition, clothing can speak volumes about your female character to resonate with the audience. It is somewhat a reflection of who the character is. For instance, you can use a head covering to reflect a character's nature or religious background. Oh, and the shoes. They can make your female character look taller or offer insight to the audience about the personality of your female characters.


Female character design is an exciting journey from designing their looks and imagining their personality. Remember that your character can be whoever you want her to be. Think outside the lines and build an awesome character.

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