What's new and enhanced in the latest version of Painter?


New Features


User Requested

Brushing Experience

Fluid Paint controls for all brushes that use Enhanced Cover Method

Accumulation (paint build-up) controls under Fluid Paint

Improved Paper grain experience with Fluid Paint

Paint Layering (Stroke Attributes) controls under Fluid Paint

Fluid : Build and Sculpt brushes

Fluid : Paint and Blend brushes

Fluid Papers

GPU, Multicore & AVX2 & NEON (M1) optimizations for Fluid Paint

Color Selection (Tolerance) control for all Selection brushes

Color Selection brushes

Overlay mode for selections

Adjust Overlay opacity and Marquee Threshold

Customize and save Overlay adjustments as presets

Easier access to Selection controls with a Selection panel

Easier access to Feather

Feather upto 2000px

Updated cursor for Polygon and Lasso select tools

Improved tooltips for several selection controls and Keyboard modifiers

Painter will auto-apply a selection when creating a new Layer mask

Improved responsiveness when resizing the brush with the Square Bracket Keys

Easier Image placement & centre alignment

The Bucket, Magic Wand and Eyedropper tools will remember last used settings

Applying a gradient that has one or more transparent nodes, will fill as expected

Option to not include layer visibility in the Undo steps (in Preferences)

Assign a shortcut key to "Pause Diffusion" (Real Watercolor brushes only)

Ability to ‘temporarily move’ part of a raster selection beyond canvas bounds without losing it's shape

When working with Selection Brushes, new selections will now show marquee when overlay is on.

Resetting a selection tool no longer deletes created selection from the document. Reset only resets settings.

A selection can now be cleared using Delete/ Backspace when Selection Adjuster tool is active

When moving a selection created by a Selection Brush, tool is no longer automatically switched to Rectangle. Will remain on Selection brush tool or brush tool

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