Edward Dennis

Painter is intuitive, so easy to learn, and comes with a crazy number of real life brushes.

Edward Dennis

What inspired you to become an artist?

My mother said I was always doodling at a young age. But I would say I was inspired by video game instruction manuals and children’s books. I would play the games as well but I was really intrigued by the art in the manuals and the magazines.

Edward Dennis artwork

Can you tell us about some of the projects you’re working on right now?

Right now I’m finishing 3 children’s books, one is the last of a BMX series with Strider bikes. Another book I’m working on is titled “A Mermaid’s Message” about mermaids helping humans learn how they can clean and save the ocean. The last book I’m finishing at the moment is titled “Donde esta Papi?” a book about a little girl’s father being deported. Other than those I’m contracted with Epic Rides who puts on 8 mountain bike races in the United States. I am doing all their artwork for promotional purposes. Between those, I do commissions for people as well. Lastly I’m working on a cartoon with a French Director based out of NYC that I’m the creative director for.

What has been your favorite project to be a part of? Why?

Every year I design all the artwork for the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival here in Arizona. I love cycling so anytime I can combine art with cycling it’s a win for me.

Edward Dennis artwork

What does a typical day look like for you?

I typically wake up at 5am and workout for 40 mins, then eat breakfast. After that, I draw until 11:30 am and go for a bike ride. Then finish the day by drawing even more until the sun goes down. Depending on the day I’ll mountain bike before sunset.

How does Corel Painter help you in the development and creation of your artwork?

Corel Painter has literally revolutionized my workflow and end product. Years prior I had to wait for paint to dry, order materials and wait for their arrival. But with Painter, I don’t have to worry about anything other than my computer working properly. I can use the exact same methods as I did traditionally but faster and more concise. I say more concise because I can always use layers or undo to fine tune my artwork.

Edward Dennis artwork

What’s your favorite Painter tool/feature? Why?

I love the ability to create my own work space and fine tune it as I please. It gives me all my tools and brushes in one place. Other than that I like having the wide selection of real life brushes to use.

What are the challenges involved with being a full time artist?

Perfecting your craft is definitely a challenge and sometimes that doesn’t happen because some jobs don’t give you the freedom you desire as an artist. Also as an artist you always want to stay relevant in your field and that takes research. If you’re trying to capture the eye of the client you want to stand out in the ever expanding pool of talent.

What advice would you give to up-and-coming artists?

Learn about business, taxes and what not. If you are working with clients long enough or bigger named clients you will need to file taxes eventually.

Do you have any recommendations for obtaining clients?

I would say the biggest clients I’ve gotten have been because of my social media, more specifically my Instagram. If you’re trying to get attention from clients you need to let them know why they need your services. If you create a professional Instagram with great content they will come to you.

What hardware helps you get the job done? System and peripherals. (Specific type of Mac/PC and drawing tablet etc.)

This is my Amazon storefront where I have all the products I use to create my art: https://www.amazon.com/shop/eduardodenniz