Corel Education Software

Who can purchase Corel software

Thank you for your interest in Corel education software.

Please note that educational versions of this product and the Corel Education License Program is available only to the following individuals and organizations:

  • Accredited school faculty members
  • Full or part-time registered students
  • Academic supervisory organizations
  • Hospitals
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Non-profit charities and/or religious organizations

Please also note that you will be required to provide proof of eligibility in the form of a student/employee card and/or relevant documentation from a qualifying institution.

Additional information on whether you can purchase Corel education software can be found on our Education Page.

How to purchase Corel software

In order to purchase an education version of this software, please complete the following Education License Request Form.

Once your form is completed, we will contact you via email and provide additional information as well as request your proof of eligibility.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please dial the number located in the top right-hand corner of the website.