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Natalie Murry

Natalie Murry

Witness Real-life CSI Forensic Art: Reconstructing a face
from a skull

Join top USA Forensic artist Natalie Murry while she demonstrates how her artistic skills solve real-life cases. Natalie is a retired police officer who has been doing forensic art since 1999. During this webinar Natalie will demonstrate how she approaches drawing a reconstruction of an unidentified remains case for a medical examiner. You will learn about the differences between male, female and varied ancestry skulls plus how to take the photographed skull, from the medical examiner’s office, and reconstruct a 2D drawing of it using the secrets the bones reveal.

Level: Intermediate
Date: November 7, 2018
Time: 1pm -2pm EST
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Made With Corel Painter by Natalie Murry