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ENDS NOV. 12, 2014


Change what's possible in art with Corel® Painter® 2015, the most authentic Natural-Media® paint program on the market. Go beyond your imagination with award-winning brushes, paper textures and media that look and feel just like the real thing.


Take a look inside the world's leading paint program

  • Revolutionary digital brushes

    Revolutionary digital brushes

    Discover incredible brushes that let you revel in creative chaos or take complete control. Painter’s new physics-inspired Particle Brushes produce unreal brushstrokes that spring, flow, glow and gravitate onto the canvas—or choose from the most authentic Natural-Media® brushes to create stunning digital art.

  • Enhanced speed and performance

    Enhanced speed and performance

    Work faster and more accurately with native 64-bit Mac support and CPU optimizations. Some brushes actually clock in at 6X faster and overall performance is 40% faster! Plus, get more control with the new brush tracking utility and experiment with effects in real-time.

  • Mobile art that moves you

    Mobile art that moves you

    Capture inspiration wherever it strikes with this unique mobile paint program. Use your Windows Real-Time Stylus and Tablet PC, or work with Painter Mobile for Android and import your masterpiece directly into Painter 2015 to add the finishing touches.

  • A fully responsive experience

    A fully responsive experience

    See why Painter is the most authentic paint program on the market, with tools that respond directly to your needs and style. Choose from a selection of interfaces inspired by Painter artists or create your own. The custom brushes, media and art tools are as unique as you are.


What type of art do you create?

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Photo Art

As a photographer, you capture moments with your camera and transform them into of works of digital art. Painter 2015 includes powerful image cloning and painting features, offering everything you need to create visually stunning photo art that will dazzle any viewer.
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Traditional Art

As a traditional artist, you're all about using time-honored techniques and working with a blank canvas. Painter 2015 lets you combine classic art practices with state-of-the-art Natural-Media® technology to create digital art that's every bit as impressive as anything you'll find on a physical canvas.
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As an illustrator, you're able to tell a visual story that elicits emotions and gets results. Whether you're creating storyboards, developing art for a magazine, drawing comics and manga, or working on a book cover, Painter 2015 is versatile illustration software that will help your art leave a lasting impression.
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Painter 2015


Paint with hundreds of customizable brushes, paper textures, and wet and dry media that look and feel just like the real thing.


Now 40% faster, with revolutionary new Particle Brushes, native 64-bit support for Mac, Real-Time Stylus and Tablet PC support, and more!
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See what's new and improved in Painter 2015.
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Just getting started? Try Painter Lite, the paint program created for aspiring digital artists.
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Sketch and paint on the go with the ultimate art app for Android.
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