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Create art as unique as your fingerprint

Now there's an even better way to work in Painter. Corel Cinco is a Painter companion app that lets you customize the Painter interface on your iPad® in order to quickly access the tools you use most. Simply place your hand on an iPad with a Wifi network connection to your computer, and Cinco automatically calibrates based on your hand size and finger placement, mapping up to five Painter buttons on screen at one time. Paint on your pen tablet with one hand, cycle through customizable buttons and palettes on your iPad with the other, all without ever taking your eyes off your work. With Corel Cinco for Painter, complete creative control is literally at your fingertips.


  • Work faster by mapping customizable Painter buttons and palettes to your iPad
  • Use simple drag-and-drop functionality to choose from existing Painter palettes or create your own using the Painter 12.2 or later library of tools, brushes, media and commands
  • Access multiple palettes on your iPad and map up to five Painter buttons on each swipeable screen
  • Customize the Cinco iPad interface based on your hand and finger placement–including support for both right and left-handed interactions
  • Experience uninterrupted workflow and spend less time clicking on icons or hot keys and more time focusing on your art

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