Painter Webinars

Recorded Sessions

Expressive Beginner Photo Painting with Heather Michelle Chinn

Learn how to quickly and easily create energetic, impressionistic renditions of your cherished photos using Painter 2016!

Contemporary fine art mixed media painting with Karen Bonaker

Learn how to paint a traditional landscape in mixed media with an emphasis on clouds utilizing specific brush variants and brush attributes.

Photo Fine-Art Paint Jam

Meet Heather Michelle

In this session you're invited to Heather Michelle's studio, classroom and gallery to learn more about Heather's journey as a Corel artist and what inspires her award-winning photo fine-art style.

Meet Claudia Salguero

In this session you're invited to view Claudia Salguero's studio, classroom and gallery to learn more about Claudia's story as a Corel artist and what inspires her unique photo fine-art style.

Meet Jeremy Sutton

Get to know artist Jeremy Sutton. Find out how Jeremy became the dynamic artist we know today.

Live Painting

Watch Heather Michelle, Claudia Salguero and Jeremy Sutton tackle the inspiration image. Follow them as they begin with a blank canvas and offer you valuable tips on getting started with photo painting.

The Grand Finale!

Let Painter Masters Heather Michelle, Claudia Salguero and Jeremy Sutton show you how they create their works of art—step by step. Get valuable tips on printing, applying mixed media and presenting your work.

Download the Paint Jam inspiration image and paint along with the Masters (JPG)

Traditional Art Paint Jam

Meet the Artists

Find out how Painter Masters Karen Bonaker and Peggy Gyulai came to be the professional artists they are today.

Live Painting

Watch as Skip Allen, Karen Bonaker and Peggy Gyulai bring the inspiration imagery to life on the canvas.

Grand Finale!

Join Painter Masters Peggy Gyulai and Karen Bonaker as they bring their works of art to completion. Get all kinds of painting tips along the way.

Download the Paint Jam inspiration image and paint along with the Masters (JPG)

Auto-cloning magic with Marilyn Sholin

Gain a clear understanding of how to use Painter’s Auto-Painting Panels and Cloning tools with detailed instruction from Painter Master Marilyn Sholin.

Painter superhero & villain illustration with Mike Thompson

Learn valuable illustration techniques as Painter Master Mike Thompson works from sketch to full rendering using his favorite Painter tools.

Painter Wow! Exploring Brush Expression with Cher Pendarvis

Painter Master Cher Pendarvis takes you through a journey of Brush Expression in Painter. Learn how to tweak your brushes to get that perfect look and feel.

Painter for Industrial Vehicle Design with Erik Holmen

Join professional industrial designer Erik Holmen as he designs a motorcycle from the initial sketch to final rendering.

Painter for Entertainment Art with Rob Prior

Rob Prior walks you through his traditional to digital workflow and shows how he takes advantage of Painter to produce concept art/production design.

Pet Portrait Painting with Karen Sperling

Karen Sperling walks you through the basic steps for getting started with pet portrait painting. You'll learn the key cloning and blank canvas painting techniques that will provide the foundation for creating your very first pet portrait.

Digital Quick Paint: Blocking in a Narrative Environment

Join entertainment illustrator Cliff Cramp as he demonstrates how to quickly block in a narrative environment. He will discuss composition, vantage point, shape, value, temperature of light and more as he lays in the quick paint.

Children's book character illustration

Join award-winning artist, author and Painter Master Carlyn Beccia, who will take you inside her process for creating lively illustrated portraits for children's books. Learn Carlyn's special techniques for illustrating expressive faces and unique clothing. Carlyn will show how you can bring your characters to life using a Wacom Cintiq and Painter 12.

Digital caricature creation tips in Corel Painter 12

Discover how Painter Master and professional caricature artist Rhoda Draws uses the Image Portfolio and custom palettes to her advantage when creating caricatures of both celebrities and ordinary folks. There will also be an exciting live caricature demonstration of these features in action.

The Master behind the "Brawny Man" re-imaging shares Painter illustration tips

As a commercial illustrator, Greg Banning has worked with some of the biggest ad agencies on the planet, with clients such as Penguin Books, Scholastic and Random House. He was also recently responsible for re-imaging the iconic "Brawny Man" character for Brawny Paper Towels. Join Greg as he discusses his professional experience, shows samples from his extensive portfolio, and dives into specific tips that will help other artists get the most out of Painter 12.

Revving up Painter's brush engine

Painter has a lot of expressive power under the hood, but many users are anxious about altering – and possibly losing – a beloved brush's individual character. Join Painter Master John Derry as he demonstrates how you can fearlessly explore fresh possibilities and expand your artistic voice using the brush engine of Painter 12.

Paint your photographs and create family heirlooms

Join Painter Master Helen Yancy as she shows you how to import a family photo into Painter 12 and then transform it into an amazing work of art that will remain a cherished item in your family for years to come.

Easy workflow for clone painting in Painter 12

The new Clone Source palette in Painter 12 is an exciting addition that will improve your workflow by keeping clone sources organized in one place. This overview webinar from Painter Master Marilyn Sholin will provide tips that help you understand the key points when using this incredible new feature. Download the FREE cloner brushes used in the webinar here.

Painting the passion of dance

Join Painter Master Jeremy Sutton as he demonstrates his techniques for painting from photo reference. See how he captures the spirit, energy and passion of dance while using a variety of brushes, textures, colors and values.

Getting started with Painter Lite

Join Painter Master Greg Newman for an up close and personal look at Painter Lite, the powerful new starter app designed exclusively for aspiring digital artists. In this webinar, Greg will offer a detailed explanation of how to use the various brushes which are included with Painter Lite. He'll also provide insight into his own approach to illustration and show how to use sketches as a jumping off point for the digital painting process.

Fantasy character Illustration with Painter Master Don Seegmiller

This webinar will concentrate on taking a pencil or pen sketch of a character and turning it into a finished piece of art. Step by step images will be provided and final touches of the actual painting process will be demonstrated.

Painter Secrets with Cher Pendarvis

Join Cher Pendarvis, award-winning artist and author of the Painter Wow! books, for a look into some of the incredible, lesser known features of Painter. Cher will demonstrate how to make custom oily brushes, provide some pointers on using a few of her favorite special effects, and offer instructions on how to make custom palettes and workspaces.

Impressionist painting with Painter Master Karen Bonaker

Create works in the Impressionist style and learn why light, loose and colorful brushstrokes were so important to this historic style of painting.

Creating children's book cover illustrations using Corel Painter

Join award-winning artist Carlyn Beccia and discover her process for creating lively, illustrated children's book covers using a variety of brushes, patterns and papers.

Retouching, Restoration and Painting from Portraits with Corel Painter

Join Painter Master Jane Conner-ziser and learn painting techniques for restoring photos and turning them into profitable paintings.

"Painting Animals" with Heather Michelle

Join award-winning artist Heather Michelle and learn how to turn a simple snapshot of any animal into a sellable, polished work of art using Corel® Painter™.

Painter Master Karen Sperling's Sorcery for Conjuring Paintings from Photos in Corel Painter 12

Add one photo, a few brushes, some art theories and a pinch of Tracing Paper and presto chango, your photos become magical works of art in Corel Painter 12! Artist, photographer, author and Corel Painter Master Karen Sperling shows professional photographers and hobbyists alike the tricks up her sleeve for creating spellbinding paintings from photos. No rabbits will be harmed in this webinar. Learn more about Karen at, and

Painter Wow! with Painter Master Cher Pendarvis

Award-winning artist and author Cher Pendarvis will give an overview of favorite features in the elegant new Painter 12 interface. She will demonstrate some of her favorite brushes and media, and show stages of a painting created with the new Real Wet Watercolor medium.

Putting it all together in Painter 12

Join Painter Master and Educator Keith MacLelland as he shows you how to use all those inspirational photos and napkin scribbles to create a great-looking image and an interesting class project! Learn more about Keith at and

Painter for Illustrators with Painter Master Mike Thompson

Best known for his portraits of urban entertainers and celebrity likeness, Painter Master Mike Thompson will show you how to create a celebrity portrait in Corel® Painter™. Illustrators, concept artists and other creative professionals will discover how Painter can be used to bring visions to life. Mike's work can be seen on his site: and you can visit his blog at:

Painting a Comic Book Page with Painter Master Doug Sirois

In this session, Doug Sirois shares how to turn a pencil-sketched page into a full-color comic book page. Learn how to add value and lighting, block in colors and render the page into comic book perfection. (Recorded session coming soon)

Painter 12 – What's New! with Painter Masters Cher Threinen-Pendarvis and Android Jones

Discover what's new in Painter 12! Cher Threinen-Pendarvis guides you through the new Real Watercolor and Real Wet Oil tools. Android Jones demos some amazing possibilities with the Mirror and Kaleidoscope tools. See other new features in action too!

Painter for Concept Artists with Painter Master Dwayne Vance

In this webinar, Painter Master Dwayne Vance (author of Masters Of Chicken Scratch) will guide you through his techniques for creating quick thumbnail sketches for vehicle design.

Creative Photo-Painting with Painter Master Jeremy Sutton

In this webinar, Painter Master Jeremy Sutton will show you his techniques for creating a 'painterly' painting from photos.

Painter Master Heather Michelle Bjoershol

In this webinar Painter Master Heather Michelle Bjoershol goes through a step-by-step tutorial on how to create beautiful art in Corel Painter based on an existing photo. Professional photographers will discover how Corel Painter can be used to expand their creativity and how it fits in their existing workflow.

Painter Master Mike Thompson

In this webinar Painter Master Mike Thompson goes through a step-by-step tutorial on how to create beautiful art in Corel Painter. Concept artists, illustrators and other creative professionals will discover how Corel Painter can be used to expand their creativity and how it fits in their existing workflow.